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British idiots try Swedish Food including SURSTRÖMMING

In this video I bring in my very first guest on the channel in the fuzzy shape of myold friend, Stiv. We go on an epic food tasting journey of Swedish treats, including the infamous SURSTRÖMMING! Is it as bad as people say, or are they making a huge stink out of nothing? Check out the video to find out as our intrepid duo taste a plethora of Swedish delicacies!…

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Vegan Taste Testing

In case you haven’t realised from all the meat and dairy based recipes I’ve done over time, I’m not a Vegan. However, I do admire and respect those that are able to maintain a diet of not using any animal products. I am trying to eat less meat and use less dairy products as I feel it has both health benefits and a positive benefit for the planet. However, half…

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