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Smoky BBQ Cheeseburger

Everyone loves barbecue – proper barbecue that is, not the cremated excuses for sausages that we Brits trot out every time there’s a glimpse of sun. There’s something about the smoky wonderfulness that is BBQ that elevates any food, whether it’s meat or veggies, but not everyone has access to the means – or weather – to make really nice smoky, BBQ flavours. So this burger is a quick and…

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Breaded Prosciutto Chicken Breast stuffed with Stilton

Breaded chicken breasts, chicken breasts stuffed with stilton, chicken breasts wrapped in Prosciutto… I have made all of these many times over the years but I thought “what about if you did them all at once?” So I did! The result is an indulgent dish, but simple, dish that looks impressive and can be made on a weeknight for yourself or as the basis of a meal to serve to…

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Goat’s Cheese, Red Onion & Rosemary Tart

Goat’s Cheese and Caramelised Onion is one of those classic combinations that is used everywhere. There’s dozens and dozens of recipes for tarts using these flavours and so I had to add my own take into the mix. While I can’t promise that my recipe does anything new and groundbreaking, what I can promise is that you is delicious tart with the wonderfully sweet, caramelised onions with the sharp tang…

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Cheese & Onion Sausage Roll

Sausage Rolls are a classic British snack, with thousands and thousands being sold across the country every day thanks to being perfect for a quick, on-the-go breakfast, lunch or daytime snack. But, as they’re traditionally made with pork sausage meat, they’re not much good for people who won’t dine on swine. But worry not, because these cheese and onion sausage rolls are arguably as a good as their porky counterparts…

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Paneer Tikka

I am all about the cheese. I’m one of those people whom, if you ask whether they had to give up one between cheese and chocolate, would give up chocolate in a heartbeat. There’s just so much variety of cheeses, and Paneer is a wonderful example of that. It’s a staple of Indian cuisine and appears in main dishes, appetisers and side dishes alike. It’s very similar to Halloumi in…

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