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Tuna, Olive and Roasted Tomato Pizza

I have published a pizza recipe previously on the site, but my motto is “you can never have too many pizza recipes”. Well, I don’t actually have a motto. But that doesn’t make that statement any less true. What makes this recipe stand out above other pizza recipes is the sauce. While my other pizza recipe was a BBQ sauce, this goes a little bit more traditional with a tomato…

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Peri-Peri Chicken BBQ Pizza

Who doesn’t like Pizza? Honestly. Who doesn’t like it? It’s so versatile, you can literally put anything you want on it. Sure, there are classic toppings like the cheese, tomato, olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, anchovies, and so on and so forth, but the only thing that limits you with pizza is your imagination, and people will use things like pineapple (rightly or wrongly), fried eggs, goats cheese, minced beef, blue cheese,…

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Slow Cooker Cola Pulled Beef

I’m not really a big fan of Cola as a drink. It’s great as a mixer, especially with Bourbon, but by itself I don’t find it very refreshing and the regular stuff is overly sweet. But, that sweetness is what makes it brilliant as an ingredient and perfect for using as a marinade for meats as it adds a great flavour and makes it wonderfully tender, especially when left overnight.…

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Sweet, Smoky & Spicy Barbecue Sauce

Oof. Barbecue. Barbeque. BBQ. Spell it how you will, there’s something about barbecue that is amazing. If I ever got to meet whomever invented cooking food over hot coals till it gets all smokey, tender and delicious, I’m not sure whether I’d want to high five them, hug them or kiss them. Probably all three. And I’m not talking about the sorry excuse for barbecue we call in the UK where we incinerate…

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