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Chicken Nachos with Guacamole & Salsa

Do you know what’s not yours? Nachos! But they could be with this recipe. Okay, that’s the obvious joke out of the way. I’ve always found Nachos to be very underrated as a meal. Sure, they make a great snack, but they can be a more than substantial meal if you build it how you want it from scratch. Sure, you can throw some cheese on Doritos in 30 seconds…

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Beef Jerky

I love beef jerky. I’m not sure where and when I first tried beef jerky, but it’s one of my favourite snacks, and it’s actually fairly healthy as well because it’s full of protein and not loaded full of fat. However, some of the stuff you can buy in packets can be loaded with salt which isn’t great for you, so I thought… how hard can it be to make your own?…

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