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Fried Monkfish Sandwich

When you think of fish sandwiches, there’s a few that typically spring to mind – Tuna Mayo, Salmon and Cream Cheese, or the timeless Fish Finger sarnie. But there’s one sandwich that I’ve longed to try for years, which is the Catfish Po Boy. Alas, to get the true Po Boy experience, I would have to venture to New Orleans which, while being high on my bucket list, I have…

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Kedgeree is an unusual dish. While, like many dishes that have become ingrained into British Culture, it originated in India it has become a staple of British cuisine since the Victorian times where it was, despite it being full of curry spices and all the characteristics of an evening meal, enjoyed as a breakfast time meal – but I’ve only ever had it for lunch or dinner. The dish has…

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Tuna, Olive and Roasted Tomato Pizza

I have published a pizza recipe previously on the site, but my motto is “you can never have too many pizza recipes”. Well, I don’t actually have a motto. But that doesn’t make that statement any less true. What makes this recipe stand out above other pizza recipes is the sauce. While my other pizza recipe was a BBQ sauce, this goes a little bit more traditional with a tomato…

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