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Vegan Fish & Chips

I’ll level with you with you – I’ve never even made Fish and Chips before. Or, rather, not proper “chip chop” battered Fish & Chips. I’ve made breaded fish and chips baked in the oven, but not full-on deep fried fish and chips. So, it was a bit of leap to jump straight into Vegan “Fish” and Chips made using Banana Blossom. But I’m all about pushing my limits! In…

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Featured/ Main Dishes/ Vegan/ Vegetarian/ Video

Vegan ‘KFC’ Zinger Burger

I am a massive fan of Fried Chicken. It’s one of my favourite foods – chicken wings, fried chicken and waffles, chicken burgers… you name it, I love it. But I tend not to order from KFC because I worry about the ethicality of their chicken as I can’t see how you can mass produce so much chicken for relatively cheap. Also, for obvious reasons, it’s not remotely Vegan-Friendly and…

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Fried Turkey with Bubble and Squeak Waffles

Sometimes you have to go completely wild and go a little bit left field at Chritmas, especially one as messed up as this year, the year of 2020. So, I decided how can I shake up your normal Christmas Turkey? By deep frying it of course! Well, I’m not deep frying the *whole* thing, I’m not in the USA. But I wanted to try out making Deep Fried Turkey legs…

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