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Vegan Carrot Cake

I’ve been a big fan of Carrot Cake for as long as I can remember. It’s one of those concepts that shouldn’t work, but does and whomever came up with the idea first must’ve been thinking pretty outside the box. Oddly, however, despite being a cake where the whole concept is based around a vegetable, Carrot Cakes are rarely Vegan due to the cream cheese icing and eggs that are…

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Victoria Sandwich Cake

A classic cake for many reasons, it’s also one of the simplest you can get started with if you’re learning to bake. Enjoy on it’s own or with a lovely cup of tea or coffee. The perfect weekend treat. A Victoria Sandwich is one of the most classic – and quintessentially British – cakes there is. So called after the late monarch, Queen Victoria, because she was said to have…

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Upside-down Apple Cake

This recipe came about from the fact that I bought some Pink Lady apples as I really wanted one to have with a Ploughman’s Lunch, and then I didn’t touch them after that. Not wanting them to go bad, I decided to turn them into this creation! It also shows that you don’t have to buy cooking apples to make great cakes and desserts – normal eating apples will work…

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