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Marmalade Cake

At the time of writing, the Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a screeching halt and the whole of the UK is currently locked down. Supermarkets are restricting the amount of basic items people can buy, so simplicity and speed over complex and time-consuming is ruling the day when it comes to recipes at the moment. But despite these hard times, we still deserve to treat ourselves as best…

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Soda Bread

I first published this recipe on the blog 3 years ago, but in the time of the Coronavirus, I wanted to refresh it and update it as it is the perfect bread recipe to make at home as it is very few ingredients, really quick, and requires no kneading or proving and can be made in around 45 minutes. If you’re stuck home during the lockdown and need bread or…

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Toast Curry from Pokemon Sword & Shield

Even if you’ve never ever played the games, seen the cartoon, or bought of the merchandise I can absolutely guarantee that you’ve heard from Pokemon! It’s in inescapable – from the hoards of Pokemon Go players that swarmed the streets to the recent Detective Pikachu film which was much better than it had any right to be, Pokemon is all around. And the most recent way to grab your money…

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